The noble art of rendering thoughts in ink.

The noble art of rendering thoughts in ink.

Last year, dewy with excitement at having published my first book, I wrote a couple blog posts for other ePub writers, explaining some of the ins and outs of the ePub and print-on-demand process.

In the 10 months since then, some of the software I used has been deserted, and simpler publishing methods have evolved. One of the things I really hate about the web are posts and pages that are undated and yet live on forever, radiating their out-of-date advice all over the internet. I say this as a person who is still trying to figure out what Apple has done with iSync and iCloud to prevent my Outlook address book changes from being shared consistently on my iPhone. Lots of out-of-date advice out there for people on old versions of all the platforms and all the software, but nothing useful for me.

But back to ePublishing; I’ve learned the new, simpler way to do ePubs, re-published my book using a very simple workflow that takes the manuscript from MS Word to Calibre and then onto my ePub stores. And then, as a bonus I updated the internet so the tiny corner of which I am the curator, is no longer radiating bad information. As Jennifer Lawrence says in American Hustle, “Thank god for me.”

How to self-publish, using Calibre for ePub and Createspace for print, at my other blog, But Enough About You.

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