A Man A Plan: Napalm!

AppPlanOr maybe that’s, A Man, A Plan, a Madame! I can never remember. Anyway, while others might think that to do is to blog, or to blog is to do, I’m finding the blogging can be an awful distraction from the doing, especially when you’re hot on the trail of getting something done.

The attached image shows the messy, but fairly complete layout for my first iPhone App. I got far enough on my Udemy lessons that I understand the interface builder and thought I shouldn’t just follow the lesson plans anymore, but start applying what I’ve learned to an actual App that I’d like to put on the iTunes store, like, right now, while I have the visual components fresh in my mind.

I also realized that for this app I’m going to have to learn the GPS API, which should be no end of fun, and which means that in a pinch, Geolocators could use my app for their own purposes. I support repurposing.

If you’ve ever taught programming or done a live presentation you probably know this: Powerpoint is for cowards. Programming gladiators write their code live in front of the audience and let the compilers f*ckups fall where they may. This is known as blood sport. If you have the strength of your programming convictions, you let the audience watch you sweat, listen to them laugh as you try to reach into your memory for the missing instruction that will make it all come right before you run out of awful jokes, anecdotes and filler. To some extent, this is me programming in public. I didn’t mean to do so much programming as part of You Learn Something Every Day, but I have momentum this week and who wants to learn a new knot when there are virtual worlds to discover?

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