A standard and timeless log.

A standard and timeless log.

How would you like to relearn everything you were taught in basic algebra from a very smart and funny woman, all in about 3 minutes?

If you don’t know her already, let me introduce you to the wonder that is Vi Hart, the world’s leading Recreational Mathemusician. I chose to sit through her logarithm video only partly to refresh my memory of the math foundations behind logarithms, and partly as an excuse to introduce her to anyone who isn’t already one of her six hundred thousand followers or 41 million Youtube visitors.

I arrived late on the Vi Hart scene, while trying to find information on the circle of fifths (to whit: how can you go around the circle of fifths wheel by fifths in one direction and by fourths the opposite direction? Answer still pending.) What I found instead was one of Vi Hart’s best videos, explaining 12 tone scales, another bit of music theory I knew nothing about. This video is 30 minutes long, and I defy you to watch it for more than 2 minutes and then try to stop:

Charisma, they name is Vi Hart.

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